We need S.YOU.

S.TWO isn’t your average recruiter. But they all say that, don’t they?

What makes being part of the S.TWO team so special is our simplicity. We say it as it is, and we do what we say we’ll do.
We use our expert knowledge to inform and advise and believe that this straightforward approach helps us to create better working lives for everybody we connect.

We thrive on connecting people with their ideal workplace and enabling them to work with a team who shares the same beliefs and values, creating a partnership that stands the test of time.


As our team continues to grow, we’re on the lookout for passionate, determined and, above all, extraordinary professionals who can help cultivate real magic in recruitment.

Are you:

  • A matchmaker at heart?
  • Looking to make waves in your career?
  • Curious to learn more?
  • Passionate about making a real difference?
  • Looking to reap amazing rewards based on the hard work you put in?
  • Ready to join a team with a real buzz?

If so, S.TWO wants to hear from you.

Staying true to our values.

How we go about our business is key to our success. Our values underpin our behaviours every day, and we need like-minded colleagues who share the ethos behind these values:

Flawsome & Real

Be flawsome. We all make mistakes; we’re human. Share it, put it right, move on to positive.
Be real. Do what you say you’ll do. Be open. Don’t hoodwink people.
Never be afraid to ask for help; it’s how we learn.

Positive Change

Make a positive change in your life and the lives of others.
Try something new, learn from it and develop.
Bring the best version of you to every situation.

Listen, Learn, Evolve

Listen, think before you act and understand how to move forward. Be true to your values and embrace those of others. See how they make you view the world differently. Connect. Whether you think it’s the right time, the right thing, the right person, keep communicating.

Is S.TWO the place for you?

Make that connection today.