Interview Advice


Make the right impression.

Interviews don't have to be daunting.

S.TWO knows that simple preparation can help you leave your nerves at the door. Here are our top tips to ace the interview and land that role.

Do your homework.

As well as wanting to know all about you, an employer will quiz you on what you know about them. That’s why it’s vital for you to do your research on any prospective employer before you set foot into the interview room. Explore the website, read their news, and check out the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile.

Review your CV.

You’re likely to be asked about various aspects of your CV, so make sure you know it inside out. If you’ve got any gaps in employment, you’ll need to explain them.

Plan your journey.

Map the route to your interview beforehand to make sure you arrive a few minutes early. If you’re travelling by car or bus, plan for any traffic delays and double check public transport timings. Being late is a no-no but sometimes can’t be helped, so have the telephone number of your interviewer so you can give them a heads up.

Prep your questions.

At the end of most interviews, you’ll be asked if you have any questions for them: Make sure you do. Remember, this is your chance to decide whether they are the right employer for you, so ask them something you genuinely want to know, whether that’s something with regards to career progression or what to expect from your working day.


Talk to S.TWO.

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