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Training Academy

S.TWO really believe in helping, developing and growing their employees – this is encouraged with several ongoing training sessions and refreshers. Sessions like this are both useful to new members of staff learning the industry, as well as staff who have been in the industry for a while to see and think about things in a different way. 

Tim is bought in especially for these training sessions – an amazing ball of energy and enthusiasm that brings training to life and makes it an enjoyable, engaging experience…whilst also providing chocolate and sweets that help incredibly. 

In the most recent session, we were looking at candidate management and engagement, coming up with and understanding better ways to work with our candidates in order to find them the best opportunities, as well as the perfect fit for them when it comes to the next move in their career.

The entire session with Tim was easy flowing, comfortable and you were made to feel involved rather than talked at. We were also made to understand that whilst in these sessions there are no wrong answers, nor stupid questions. Everyone’s opinions and ideas were listened to, talked through and understood without singling anyone out to feel awkward. 

Working with Tim, as well as having S.TWO invest in having such high-quality training sessions and development, really proves to you as an employee how much the company value you. Each session leaves you feeling inspired, empowered and provides you with new ideas and a fresh outlook on how to get the best out of your work.