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S.TWO meets Croxley Danes

Just before the schools broke up for the summer holidays, S.TWO were approached by Croxley Danes school to see if we could help them out by taking a class or two for their Careers and Enterprise week. Of course, we jumped at the chance – with Kevin, Sam and Rebecca signing on to conduct two sessions with both Year 7 and Year 8.

Getting our thinking caps on, we decided to hold sessions that got the children thinking about their future careers - from focusing on their favourite subjects, as well as pulling out experiences and skills they have now that might be useful on their CV when they enter the big, wide world of work.

So, in the middle of the UK’s mini heatwave, the trio set out and set up ready for the sessions, feeling all important and like teachers – sweets in tow as prizes to encourage…or bribe…participation. Hats off to teachers…we do not know how you do it! Kevin led the presentation and activities, which in a small classroom and no aircon was no easy feat.

We discussed roles from being a stuntman and an actress to computer programming and public service. All the children were enthusiastic, engaged and wanting to put their own ideas across. It got them talking and thinking about what they enjoy at school and how they could possibly apply it to a career in the future.

In short, the aim of each session was to show the students that you can be or do anything you want to. There are no limits, no restrictions and no typical working stereotypes these days.

Despite the heat, the sessions were fun, buzzing and exhausting – leaving Kevin, Sam and Rebecca agreeing that perhaps they weren’t quite cut out to be teachers…they will leave that to the experts! Thank you Croxley Danes for having us.