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Man vs Machine: What Role Does AI Play in Recruitment?

AI gains more and more attention every year. The question is, can AI be applied to improve your recruitment process? While AI is still light years away from human cognitive abilities, many modern machines can learn, make ethical decisions, and even think for themselves. It can provide more opportunities for automation of processes that don't require a high level of creativity.

Here, we take a look at the benefits that AI can bring to your recruitment process, and how it can work to provide decision-makers with more detailed information and significantly reduce operational costs.

Quality of hiring.

AI enables recruiters to divide the process into several stages, automatically, collect more data on each candidate and therefore evaluate candidates more effectively. There are already a number of AI-based recruitment software solutions that help to assess the skills and experience of candidates by applying special algorithms.

Huge time savings.

AI-based software can analyse vast amounts of data in a matter of seconds and provide results that can be considered by decision-makers, saving time, money and resources.

Remove bias.

One of the most significant benefits of AI in recruitment is the removal of unconscious and conscious bias that can come with human intervention. Organisations have the opportunity to hire only the best candidates based on real potential from the data they provide. Marketing opportunities. A valuable application of AI is the ability to post targeted adverts that will be seen by relevant audiences at the right time. Additionally, the use of chatbots can fill gaps in CVs, talk to candidates, and answer their basic questions. Some can analyse their responses to see if the candidate demonstrates specific skills, providing recruiters with an understanding of whether someone is the right fit for a role.

On the flip side.

As amazing as AI can be when applied in the recruitment process, these tools can only do so much when it comes to hiring talented professionals. Machines can automate routine tasks and assist in decision making, but they're not capable of building the relationships that are crucial when recruiting. It's only through cultivating relationships that recruiters can gain a real insight into the needs and motivations of a candidate. AI is unable to evaluate soft skills and whether a candidate is the right cultural fit for a business. There's also the risk that AI could eliminate talented individuals who fail to use exact terms in their communications. Crucially, while AI can shortlist potential candidates, you will still need to meet and interview them face-to-face - an element of the process that AI won't be able to carry out any time soon.

What's the verdict on AI?

AI can be invaluable when it comes to assisting humans in streamlining their recruitment processes. The key is striking the right balance between embracing AI-based automation tools and employing efficient hiring managers who can assess softer skills, emotional intelligence and cultural fit.