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My experience at S-Two consulting was very good and I enjoyed being part of such a warm and friendly team. Unlike other recruitment companies, S.TWO seems to be focused on the well-being of their candidates and will even often check in on the candidates after they are employed to make sure they are settling in well. This really showed me how friendly the environment at S.TWO was. 

S.TWO also gave me useful insight into the world of recruiting. Although I hadn’t previously considered a career in recruitment, being able to see the process of sourcing people and witnessing the satisfaction of placing someone into a job, it made recruiting look far more interesting. In addition to this, as a student, the members of S.TWO provided some useful advice when I start to create my own CV.

The whole of Croxley Park also seems to be an amazing place to work, partly due to their events – such as the summer fair, which hosted several different booths and games for people to enjoy. Another extremely crucial part of my stay was Gerry the Giraffe, another new member of significant importance – he plays such a great role in the company that it is utterly unexplainable.