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A guide to staff wellbeing ideas

Your business might have the brightest ideas, speediest technology and shiniest office around, but without a genuinely engaged workforce it’s going nowhere fast. If your staff gaze longingly at the clock all afternoon, you’re likely to end up staring at your quarterly figures with similar despair. But ensuring your employees are happy and healthy at work doesn’t necessarily mean a company-wide overhaul – simple changes can make a tangible difference.

It’s easy to view wellbeing as a retention tactic – just another box to be ticked in order to keep your employees. But the benefits of wellbeing run much deeper than keeping the numbers up. A healthy, engaged workforce will increase productivity, strengthen relationships and create a positive atmosphere that will stretch inside and outside your business. Here are a few ideas for changes you can make…

1. Monthly wellbeing sessions

Let your staff escape their desks for an hour or so without feeling that they really ought to be getting back. Massage, reflexology, reiki, meditation or even an offer of one-to-one counselling will each bring unique benefits that impact how your staff feel and behave at work. If it’s free to attend and there’s no requirement to make up the time, you can be sure that employees will snap up the opportunity and you’ll see an instant effect on attitude and productivity.

2. Breakfast and fresh fruit

This needn’t cost the earth and it could bring a real boost to early mornings. It’s common for the first hour of the working day to be a confused haze of inactivity – and with ever-increasing numbers of people distractedly skipping breakfast it’s easy to see why. You might already be supplying much-needed tea and coffee to your workforce, and by taking it a step further you could see a real shift in results, not just before 10am but throughout the whole day. We’re not talking a full English here – toast, cereal and porridge oats will keep engines running, and a well-stocked supply of fresh fruit around desks will banish the habit of munching energy-sapping sugary snacks.

3. Standing desks

 We homo sapiens were never meant to sit indoors hunched over computers. There’s no escaping the fact that this is what we do now, so we’re not suggesting you relocate your business to the nearest treetop – but consider the impact that sitting is having on your employees’ posture and overall physical health. Making the change to standing desks could alleviate the back and shoulder pain that desk work so often brings. The flexibility to work how they want (and crank it back down to a sitting position when their feet get tired) will completely change your employees’ perception of their workspace.

4. Fitness incentives

It's not just about creating a healthier environment within the office – if you nurture positive attitudes 24/7 a fitter workforce will translate into a fitter business. Consider how you can positively encourage employees to keep fit on their journey to work, during lunch breaks or in their own time – partner with a local gym to offer a discount or sign up to a Cycle to Work scheme. In-office fitness classes like yoga or pilates are a great way to foster a health-focused culture, and even small provisions like bike spaces and showers could encourage more physical activity throughout the day.

5. Flexi-time

If everyone's working enough hours, how much would a less rigid schedule really damage your business? If you trust your staff to choose their start and finish times, it reinforces a culture of mutual respect. It’s also impossible to overstate the number of ways this could positively impact their day-to-day lives. From commuting outside rush hour to making doctors’ appointments and managing the school run, the statistics speak for themselves – if their job doesn’t suffocate their lives, your staff might just rediscover what they loved about it in the first place.

6. Our engagement and wellbeing platform

At S.TWO we don’t believe it’s solely down to you to build a healthier office. We may recruit the best talent, but once we place an employee in your business we won’t wave goodbye and leave you to it. With our unique engagement and wellbeing platform we support them from recruitment to retirement with a huge range of benefits, including online GP appointments, emotional, financial and legal support and fitness and nutrition. Staff wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do – and we believe that taking the same attitude to your business will transform it from top to bottom.